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Learn how to practice Medicine & Dentistry in Poland after obtaining your medical degree

Acquiring a Medical/Dental license

In order to practice as a Doctor/Dentist in Poland, postgraduates holding a Medical/Dental degree have to complete the following:

1. Medical Final Examination (LEK) or Medical-Dental Final Examination (LDEK)

  • Can be done in English or Polish 

  • To apply for this, you have to fill in an application form which is available on the CEM website

2. Staż Podyplomowy - Postgraduate internship

  • It's an obligatory hospital internship in Poland, that lasts for 13 months (for Doctors) or 12 months (for Dentists)

    • To enrol, the graduate has to speak Polish

      • ​ ​Graduates completing Medical/Dental degrees in English have to pass an official 'Polish Language Exam', held by Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (PCPD)

    • A fee is involved when getting a certification from the PCPD

Please note: Once a student graduates and acquires their medical degree from their Polish Medical University, the University is no longer responsible for the student receiving a medical license to practice medicine, instead the 'Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists' become responsible.

Contact Information:

The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists:

  • Naczelna Izba Lekarska - Supreme Medical Chamber

  • Address- ul. Sobieskigeo 110, 00-764 Warszawa

  • Telephone- +48 (22) 559 13 00, +48 (22) 559 13 24

Biuro Okregowei Izby Lekarskiej w Krakowie- Office of the District Medical Chamber in Krakow

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